Welcome to the Creators Cove store.

This is the place to purchase ranks for awesome in game cosmetics.

To view what you can purchase or even make a purchase, click the "Ranks" button in the top bar.


We currently only accept PayPal donations, we will look to further support  more ways in the near future.

Terms and Conditions of Purchasing

Purchase Making

Creators Cove has the right to change prices and benefits of ranks at any time with or without any notice, you will not be entitled to any old benefits of a rank if they change. Although, Creators Cove will never change the benefits or prices of ranks without a valid reason. You also agree to insure the staff, partners, hosts and all other associations with Creators Cove.  When purchasing from here you agree to not file any lawsuits or legal actions towards server staff or associations for any reason. Even if it isn't or is related to your purchase. You are also no permitted to purchase a rank to break the rules of the server, we reserve the right to ban and punish you even if you are a donator.

No Refunds or Chargebacks

On this store we do not offer any type of refund. All payments of any kind are final and no refunds will be processed. The reason for this is that it isn't possible and will cause further issues within the server. We also highly prohibit any form of chargebacks, performing a chargeback for a purchase from this store will result in a permanent ban in game.

Rank Transfers

Rank transfers are permitted. Although, you are required to provide some sort of evidence of owning the account that once had the rank. We will never in any circumstance transfer a rank to your account without any sort of proof. If you do not have any proof, we will not transfer. Another reason for why we won't transfer is if the account got banned on our server.

How long does it take to get my rank

When purchasing a rank, it should take no longer than fifteen minutes to be set in game. If it has been longer than fifteen minutes and you still do not have the rank in game, but you have proof of purchase, contact a staff member via our Discord. Any fake proof will result in immediate punishment.

What does my money go towards

As soon as you purchase a rank on Creators Cove, it is supporting the server, whether it be from advertising to purchasing premium plugins, it helps the server heaps. Your money will be put into either of these benefits for the server, keeping the server online, advertising, premium plugins, more ram/memory for the server and sometimes purchasing logos, backgrounds or any artist designed pictures. We thank every user who donates and the benefits are our way of saying thank you and your donation is your way of saying thank you to us!

Creators Cove is in no way affiliated with Minecraft, Mojang AB and/or Notch Development AB. Minecraft is © Mojang AB 2009-2018